Ricardo got us going loco; Givenchy SS16 


If black and white were never your choice for a full look; you’re in for a big surprise, And a possible change in taste.If there’s a show that has wowed me it is hands down the work of art and magic that Ricardo Tisci has displayed with the introduction of the Givenchy SS16 Ready to wear collection recently showcased at New York Fashion week.

A magical ambiance where street style meets couture, where casual marries luxury, where gothic meets classic and where lingerie becomes a statement. 

With the ten year mark for Tisci as the artistic director for Givenchy and the opening of the new boutique on Madison Avenue designed by Tisci himself; it is safe to say that both the celebration of events and the runway show were nothing less than exceptionally breathtaking. 

The excessive use of black and white and a mix of male and female models; both wearing woman’s SS16 was simply a work of genius. Tisci celebrates Givenchy with an over the top reinterpretation of the directors creations for the past decade at the maison.

The delicate details, the use of the face as a means of accessorizing yet still remaining true to the brand’s identity and essence of classic and super luxurious garments; that is what makes Givenchy a brand that has maintained its DNA yet has evolved to allow creative individuals to push fashion inspiration to the highest limit.

Saying this is absolutely beautiful is an understatement. Although too early to judge, need I feel that this is by far going to be my favorite of all.
Photo Credit: vogue.com


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