Maison Michel – Your hat choice this winter








Hats, hats hats! That has to be by far my biggest obsession this coming winter. I find myself trying on every hat I see when I am shopping around. I never was a fan of strutting a hat as part of my style, but for some reason I am super excited about winter starting for this reason

Since 1936, French millinery Maison Michel has stamped the art of hat perfection around the world. With a range of hats embellished with beads, feathers, lace and chains; styled as derby (bowler or bob hat) , boater (looks like a man’s hat) and trilby (soft felt hat with a narrow brim) just to name of few; Maison Michel got us hooked.

For a day-to-day look, I would opt for a dark coloured black or burgundy coloured hat that is rather versatile and goes with everything. If your face and head are more on the medium-large side; I would suggest you aim for a panama hat that has a rather wide brim. If your face and head are more on the small-medium side than a derby, trilby, and boater would look absolutely great on you.

For hat collectors a couple of funky colours would be great. If you are like me and this will be your first experience with hats this winter, I would aim for a darker more versatile colour. If this fad and I start getting along; I would definitely start aiming for more pop colour hats to strut with an extremely neutral outfit.

Cannot wait to see you all in your hats this winter.



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