Anya Hindmarch

There is something about exaggerated statement fashion items that gets me excited. Over the top garments and accessories that scream ‘crazy’; but the question is how much am I really willing to push the boundaries of my style and settle for something extremely over the top.

I have always appreciated others that are capable of pulling off an overly exaggerated look, and only till recently have I learned to appreciate and actually admire such pieces.

When thinking about someone extremely over the top, one of the first designers that comes to mind is Anya Hindmarch. Starting at the age of 19, she opened her first little shop on Walton Street with an expansion into 56 stores worldwide today including a flagship store on Sloane Street and Bond Street in London. 

In 2001, Anya launched a charity initiative under the name of ‘Be a Bag’ that allows you to have your own photo printed on a bag. As a design consultant for British Airways creating their first class amenity kits since 2000; seems this designer has no stopping point for creativity and success.

Other than her super fun clutch bags, keep an eye for the signature bow next time you happy to fall for an insanely fun accessory while shopping.



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