Accessories for FALL-ing in love


Eddie Borgo Choker


Rosantica Choker


Ryan Storer Choker


Zara floral necklace


Gucci floral brooch


Zara floral brooch


Dolce & Gabbana headpiece


Jennifer Behr headpiece


Erickson Beamon pearl earrings


Lanvin pearl necklace


Rosantica pearl necklace


Chan Luu finger bracelet


Maria Black finger bracelet

If there is one major thing to add to your Fall/Winter 2015 shopping list this year it is definitely the oversized, dramatically shaped and extremely colorful statement jewelry. From single earrings, to ring bracelets to chokers, to pearls, brooches and head jewelry; rest assured your winter wardrobe will never look this amazing.

With an array of choices to pick from, if you settle for your overly exaggerated jewelry; there is no need to dig too deep into what you will be wearing on the rest of your body. With the choice of a very minimalistic outfit, you can either make or break your total look with the right choice of jewelry this season.

If you happened to be one of the lovers of floral print these past few years, you are in for some great news. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and headpieces made of 3D flowers are the biggest thing this fall. With a completely black outfit there is nothing that screams flower power the way a floral encrusted jewel will. If you happened to put away your pearl jewelry that you inherited from a member of your family; it is time to bring those back out; for pearl earrings and necklaces are back and would be the perfect choice for a night out.



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