Your absolute wardrobe essentials

With so many ongoing changing trends there remain those few items in your wardrobe that you absolutely cannot live without. No matter how much of a trend lover you are; there are those few items that you find yourself keeping from season to season or simply renewing as the months unwind. Being a true lover of fast fashion, I find myself owning a select number of items in absolutely every color and neck shape.

The T

The simple white T is a must must must have in every wardrobe. From tight to loose to V-neck, round neck and wide neck, a simple white T goes with absolutely anything. Worn alone or under your favorite body fit blazer, boyfriend denim jacket or an oversized cardigan; you can never go wrong with a simple T

white T - hm

The Trench

Next comes the trench. An all time classic is the Burberry trench coat in a neutral color such as grey, beige or black; this beauty will stay with you for years on end. Versatile enough to be worn both day and night a little splurging in the trench department comes with no regrets

Burberry brit trench

The Leather Jacket

Just like the trench, the leather jacket has become an essential entity in our winter wardrobe. To be worn both day and night, this piece of clothing is set to turn any outfit into something a bit more edgy and less formal. With an oversized scarf or plunging neckline underneath; there is nothing that screams amazing like a leather jacket does


The High Rise Skinnies

With the cold days of winter knocking on our doors, there is nothing more needed than a pair of skinnies. Perfect with a pair of knee-high or ankle boots, platforms, court heels, sneakers and ballerinas; your high rise are a definite must have

J Brand

The Collared Shirt

Crisp and clean there is nothing that says I own this outfit like a white button down or denim shirt. I tend to personally sneak into my husbands closet and borrow a couple of his white shirts to wear over a pair of leggings or tight leather pants with an oversized statement necklace or big earrings

The Row

The Oversized sweater

Be if off the shoulder or large turtleneck; an oversized sweater is a must have from season to season; this is not a trend this is surely a necessity. With a pair of boyfriend jeans, a tight fitted straight midi skirt or your typical skinnies; an oversized sweater will make you feel all the more cozy, comfortable and trend


The Little Black Dress

Ask every generation in your family and they shall confirm this necessity. My rule is when you are lost for a choice; go for your little black dress. With a pair of oversized jewelry or subtle classic pearls, a little black dress is an all time wardrobe classic

dolce and gabbana




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