Youmah – Mother & Daughter

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Organic mommy and baby products, what more could anyone ask for in this day in age?

Nora has been chosen to be the face of a recently launched online baby and mommy product website based in the UAE under the name of; Youmah meaning mother in Arabic. When asked to take part in this project, I was absolutely thrilled! With mothers these days turning to all natural products, Youmah has targeted a desire and need in offering not only natural organic products, but also ones that are stylish, creative and somewhat niche in our part of the world. Best part of this all… your shopping is just a click away delivered directly to your doorstep – everyone knows with a toddler or infant every minute and second of the day counts!

With a variety of international branded products to choose from such as organic diapers, bath & body, feeding, cleaning, nursery and clothing just to name a few; I recommend you check out this site because trust me you are missing out.

With an array of options to choose from one of my favorite options that you can find on their website is your ability to create your own bundle of products. Some of the brands found on the site are Seventh Generation, Neal’s Yard, Modern Burlap and Four Cow Farm; I surely know what I will be gifting next time I am invited to a baby shower.

These are a couple of my favorite pictures that are to be found both on the website and social media outlets of Youmah. I must admit though it was much easier controlling Nora in pictures when she was much younger, but nothing beats the fun of snapping her.



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