D2 Boutique – Where classic and trendy meet


On my most recent trip to Amman, I had the chance to pass by one of the trendiest boutiques in town. Amman never struck me as a city I would go to for shopping, but for the past couple of years the fashion scene has been expanding and I was excited to see how many young entrepreneurs are taking matters into their own hands by introducing the trendiest looks for all the fashion lovers in the city.

Co-owned by friends Dalia Malouf and Deleen Sabbah; D2 Boutique is situated in Abdoun; an area found in the heart of Amman City. The boutique first opened its doors to the public in August 2014 and has since then offered an array of styles, trends and products to the individualistic fashion trendsetters. Think of a place where mother and daughter can shop together and rest assured both will walk out with a handful.




Just like Amman, the boutique goes from casual to dressy in just a few steps – ripped jeans, statement jewelry and an off the shoulder sweater followed by a glamorous embellished gown and a staple clutch.

I had the chance to chit-chat with the girls to better understand their view on the Jordanian fashion scene and how they battled to fill a gap in the market; and boy can I say they have done an amazing job at it!

Clover Canyon, RVN, Front Row Society, Joanna Laura Constantine and Rohit and Rahul are just a few of the carry-on brands that you can find on a seasonal basis. With buying trips to London, Paris and New York; only the biggest fashion hubs around the world; these two not only do a great job at mixing and matching brands from all ranges and styles; but enjoy every single bit of the insanity together.



They describe the fashion scene in Amman as “Casual by day, Glamorous by night, and everything in between” – with all the extravagant weddings and nighttime outings, it comes as no surprise that girls in Amman love to dress for trendy comfort during the day and go all out at night.





Fun Facts about Dalia and Deleen and their baby D2:

  • There are new products in store on a monthly or even bi-weekly basis
  • Items in the store are classic with a trendy twist; mixing and matching the classics with embellished, sequined and printed trendy items is a store signature
  • It is a melting pot of international brands; London-Paris-New York-Australia-India-Germany and Lebanon; name it name it and you got it!
  • Fashion magazines, Instagram and bloggers compliment their morning coffee
  • Teals, navy blue, pastels, ponchos, capes and faux fur are something to keep on the lookout this season
  • The little black dress, perfectly fitted leather jacket, that one pair of jeans you cannot live without, comfortable 5-inch heels (they exist, just need to find your match) and a white silk blouse that can be dressed down or up are every girls must have!

Stemming from a cultured background and previous work in the fashion field, it comes as no surprise that this duo has a great insight for trend forecasting and accommodating to the current fashion scene. Being fully hands on with the store, products and especially the customers; a store visit is a must!

With the holiday season approaching at the speed of light, grab your party looks, Christmas gifts and everything in between!


Store details:

Location – Kurdi Complex Um Qusair Street, Amman, Jordan

Opening time – Sunday to Thursday 10am to 8pm; Saturday 11 am to 7 pm; Friday closed

Contact – +962-065921667


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