Hijab & Abaya for Dolce & Gabbana #dgabaya



If you ever wondered when the time would come where Arabs will be ahead of their time in fashion, there is no better timing than now to state this loudly and proudly.

With the newest release of the Abaya and Hijab collection that Stefano Gabbana proudly announced this week; the fashion mogul has once again wowed us with an intricately detailed full-blown collection.




The majority of the collection comes in neutral colors, focused primarily on black, camel beige keeping in mind the Sicilian touch that Dolce & Gabbana is famous for.

Lace, roses, daisies and even lemons in satin and sheer georgette are set to blow your mind away.


D&G 1.jpg


Keeping both the essence of Italy and the Arab culture embedded in all the designs; there is not much more to say than we are absolutely in love with this new take on modern yet cultured fashion.

With this Spring 2016 collection, we embrace the beauty of both worlds.

Photo Credit: style.com/arabia



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