Lumalu Lips

My obsession with lipstick is pretty obvious especially if you are following me on Instagram.

There is something about lipstick that just adds those final touches to the face and total look.

Lumalu is a brand created by Louma Rabah; an artist at heart and a vibrant colorful creator. I had the chance to get my hands on a couple of colours from Lumalu and I can officially say that they are absolutely gorgeous!

Other than the color, the texture is out of this world. Imagine a range of colors that you can choose from that not only give you that extra flair of color that you need but that keep your lips moisturised ALL day! – there is no better way to explain her lipsticks than to say that your lips will be falling in love with this product.

The packaging of each stick is actually personal works of art that Louma has done and have been printed on the lipsticks.

These are my personal favorites




To see more ranges of colours visit

Instagram: @lumalu.usa



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