SHISEIDO – My long lost soul mate


Since the age of 25 I have been super adamant about skin care regimens and I am constantly asked what it is that I do to take care of my skin all year round.

The myth that your skin only needs moisturizing during the winter is completely untrue; if you have decided to hop onto the skincare wagon I suggest you stick to a strict system that works best for you.

I personally have recently become obsessed with all Shiseido products. During pregnancy my face was flawless, you know that “pregnancy glow” everyone brags about; well it is true! Due to major changes in your hormone levels, some women tend to glow a lot during their pregnancy, and thankfully I was one of them.

However, it was after delivery when the fatigue kicked in with all the late night waking and lack of sleep that I realized how badly I needed to start taking care of my skin even more than before.

I did a lot of intensive research and purchased products that I thought would do the job, but after a year of trying and failing I can comfortably say that I have found my soul mate – SHISEIDO Future Solution LX.

Although pretty pricey, trust me investing in great face cream is worth every single penny!





This is my personal routine that I feel works best:


  • I start my day by washing with ONLY cold water
  • After waiting 15 minutes I apply Shiseido “Future Solution LX Day cream” all over the face excluding the nose and under eye area


  • I start by washing my face with Shiseido “Future Solution LX Extra Rich Cleansing Foam” using cold water
  • I wait 15 minutes before applying Shiseido “Future Solution LX Night Cream” on the whole face excluding nose and under eye area
  • I then apply Lancome “Renergie Morpholift Yeux” Repositioning Eye Cream by tapping the lower eye skin gently all the way to under the eyebrows avoiding any internal eye contact

I have chosen Lancome as my under eye cream because it is one of the few creams where I have seen the drastic result within weeks of using.

Please remember that any products that you use are not magical creams. The first step to maintaining healthy and clear skin is avoiding the sun. It may sound absurd but there is nothing that damages your skin the way the sun does. With that being said however, going to the beach is the best part of summer, all you need to do is stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water and applying SPF 50 every 2 hours – even if the sun is not striking those rays are sneaky and can damage your skin without you even noticing.



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