Braids we love

There is something about braids this year that we just love. They are absolutely perfect for any occasion be it a night out with the girls, a quick errand run and even perfected for a wedding celebration.

Depending on what you are wearing of course, I personally have become a huge fan of braids. With so many different YouTube tutorials to follow, braiding your hair yourself is super easy if you have no time or energy to pass by your hairdresser.

Opt for a simple headpiece for an extra touch on a night out, or keep it simple and messy for a day or casual evening event.

Whatever it is that you choose, there are so many different styles you can try.

For a simple day look or casual night out:

Image 2 braid

image 5 - braid


Image 3 - braid

Image 8 - braids

For a formal night out:

Image 7 - braids

Image 6 - braid

image 4 - braids





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