Bye Bye Skinny Jeans

All those years you spent investing on the perfect pair of skinny jeans has come to a complete end – maybe not eternally, but definitely for the next couple of seasons.

The hip hugging, leg accentuating and the shapely derriere will be taking a vacation for a while. This season it is all about the mom, boyfriend and straight-leg men’s jeans that are very popularly cut at the hems. If you cannot find the perfectly cut hems you can easily do it yourself.

The “stretch” found in jeans is being replaced with old school thick and stretch-free denim that takes us back to an 80’s and early 90’s denim era.

With the power of social media and increased trend of mixing high-end brands with fast fashion brands, the tables have turned with regards to who is imitating who.

At a time where fast fashion brands such as Zara, Asos, Pull and Bear and H&M were known for being pretty consistent with imitating high-end fashion brands, in most recent seasons the opposite has become pretty evident.

The time has come for you to put away those skinny jeans and invest in a couple of pairs of super trendy, comfortable and durable jeans such as Boyfriend Jeans, Mom Jeans, Deconstructive Hem Jeans and Cropped Flares.






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