The OVERsized Sweater


That favorite sweater of yours that you wore strictly for slouching around the house recently has a new function, and no that does not include Netflix and a bag of Cheetos!

This winter it is all about comfort, and there is no other way of being comfortable than pulling out that oversized, soft sweater of yours.

Knit, cotton, high neck, hoodies – you name it and you wear it! For a casual day out pair your comfy sweater with your favorite jeans and those boots you have been waiting all summer to finally wear. For a more daring look go for a short leather skirt or a body hugging pencil skirt with a pair of sneakers or your favorite pumps for a night out with the girls.

The longer the sleeves the better. Pulling up your sleeves is no longer needed, this winter your sleeves are meant to get in the way; they can even double as a pair of gloves!

Time to embrace the trend of “comfortable is stylish” this winter. Stores such as H&M, Zara and Forever 21 have released their newest collections of oversized sweaters in store and online (depending on country) – Online fashion portals such as, and have hopped on the oversized wagon to offer you your favorite picks just a few clicks away!

There is nothing more exciting than knowing that this winter your comfort comes first – it is frustrating enough to endure the heavy rains and face whipping winds; at least this winter you’re not constrained in your outfit whilst trying to escape the annoyance of winter weather.

Get cozy!








Items are available for purchase directly through the link



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