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I recently had the pleasure of working with a relatively new bespoke furniture brand that opened its doors to the Beirut market not too long ago. We can all agree that moving to a new house is never easy, and finding the perfect accessories is always such a challenge.

With Nora’s room being the first room to fully be ready, there still felt like there was something missing – a little hint or touch of some element was lost and I just could not get my hands on what it was. When the designer and co-owner of LakayCreation came to my house, it took them not more than 5 minutes to come up with a concept derived and inspired by the wallpaper in her room.

In a completely professional yet utmost friendly atmosphere, members of the LakayCreation family made me feel comfortable in our final decision and I was sure that the outcome was going to be exactly what I had in mind; something that perfectly fits the theme and atmosphere of the house and most importantly resonates the sense of simplicity and minimalism that I love.

Lakay meaning “home” in Haitian is where the name of the brand originates. Established from generations of wood experts, the brand was born from a vision of young members of the family that are passionate about offering tailored pieces made just for you.

Within a week the items were ready and delivered to the house to be installed in the most meticulous, proficient and clean way. Within less than 30 minutes, Nora’s room was cleaned and ready to have her in for her afternoon nap.

The brand recently opened its flagship store in Downtown Beirut that spreads over two floors that display custom made kitchens, TV units, flooring, wardrobes and bedrooms just to name a few.

I would recommend their services to anyone looking to add the extra touch of customizable items be it for your home or office space. Having dealt with several suppliers in the process of establishing a new home, there is no doubt I absolutely saw the massive difference in efficiency, professionalism and cleanliness.

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instagram – @lakaycreation


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