Keep your eye out for these shadows

Just when we thought the 80s and 90s pop eyeshadow trend was left behind, we are once again surprised by the daring and ever changing world of fashion and beauty trends.

With a simple glowing face, volumizing mascara and nude lips there is no eyeshadow color that could possibly be off limits. Think green, gold metallic, deep red and ocean blue just to name of few – there really is no limit with your choice of color.

To avoid looking too colorful, it is best to settle for very simple face makeup and let the shadow speak for itself. When opting for a pop of color on the lids it is a given that lips (preferably gloss) and blush should remain neutral and subtle. Volumizing black mascara will give the eye the depth that it needs ; you can even apply black eyeliner on the line of the upper eyelid for more eye depth.

Beauty brands such as MAC, Urban Decay, Too Faced, Laura Mercier and Sephora have introduced palettes with an array of pop and metallic colors.

Blue Eyeshadow


Orange Metallic


Green Eyeshadow


Red Eyeshadow


Metallic Eyeshadow




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